Flow Series - Black & Blue 2-in-1 Fast Charging Cable for Samsung S8/S9 and Google Pixel, Type C

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The Juuice Flow Series phone charging cables light up when you plug in.  The Intelligent LED Lights visibly show the speed of the electric current as it flows into your device & changes tempo as your phone approaches a full charge.   

•  Android Compatabld: Our exclusive "2-IN-1" cable design has Micro USB and USB C enabling it to work for all Android phones and wireless accessories including the Samsung S8, Samsung Note 8, Samsung S9, Google Pixel 2, LG V30S, Sony Experia XZ2, Asus Zen Phone and the One Plus 5T.

•  Fast Charge 3.0: Charging speed is further enhanced by using 28 or 20 AWG copper wire to support the higher voltages required in the Qualcomm 3.0 standard.

•  Auto-Shutoff: Auto Detect extends device life and prevents overcharging.

•  Higher Quality: Our LED charging cables are made of much higher quality components than other LED cables on the market. provide extreme durability and conductivity. Individually TPU-wrapped wires and TPU full cord wrap enhances strength and prevents fraying.

•  Multiple Colors: 2 cable color options (Green & Black // Blue & Black)