Flow Series - Black & Green 2-in-1 Fast Charging Cable for Android

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The Juuice Flow Series phone charging cables light up when you plug in!

Our illuminated charging system provides a visual indication of charging speed.  The Intelligent LED Lights visibly show the speed of the electric current as it flows into your device & changes tempo as your phone approaches a full charge.  

•  ANDROID COMPATIBLE: 2-in-1 cable works for all Android phone (micro USB and USBC) 

•  FAST CHARGE:  Charging speed is further enhanced by using 28 or 20 AWG copper wire to support the higher voltages required in the Qualcomm 3.0 standard.

•  AUTO SHUTOFF: Auto Detect extends device life and prevents overcharging.

•  HIGH-QUALITY & NO FRAYING: Our quality components provide extreme durability and conductivity. Individually TPU-wrapped wires and TPU full cord wrap enhances strength and prevents fraying.

•  MULTIPLE COLORS: 2 cable color options (Green & Black // Blue & Black)