Flat Pack - Slim Portable Power Bank

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The "FLAT PACK SLIM" was designed specifically for people who want power-to-go, but don't want bulky accessories in their pocket or purse.
The thin dimensions & light weight are designed to make it easy to use your phone while simultaneously holding the Flat Pack.
The rechargeable "FLAT PACK SLIM" packs a powerful punch.  It will hold its charge until the power is transferred into another device & can "Juuice" a phone battery from 0% - 100% 1-1.5x, depending on the make and model.
BONUS: The "FLAT PACK SLIM" comes with our exclusive "2-IN-1" white charging cable (8").  It features 2 ports in 1 cable: Combination Apple Lightning & micro-USB on one end, with the standard USB on the other end.  
The "2-IN-1" cable is compatible with:
(1) Apple devices that use the Lightning port.  
(2) Android devices that use the micro-USB port.  
(3) All Wireless Accessories that use a Lightning or micro-USB port to charge. 
(4) Juuice USB-C Adapter available to order
  • RECHARGEABLE:  Use the included "2-IN-1" cable to recharge the powerbank when it's low.  It's very simple: one end of the cable (micro-USB port) plugs into the power bank & the other end of the cable (standard USB port) plugs into a USB wall adapter (not included at this time).
  • HOLDS ITS CHARGE: The auto-shutoff feature ensures the power bank maintains its charge until the power is transferred into another device.
  • COMPATIBILITY:  The "Flat Pack Slim" works on all devices.  The "2-IN-1" cable includes a combo Apple lightning port & micro-USB port.  Order the Juuice USB-C Adapter if your device requires it.
  • LIGHT & THIN: 120g  &  Overall Dimensions: 3.5 x 5 x 0.75
  • POWERFUL: The power bank capacity is 5,000 mAh with fast charge 2.1.
  • CONVENIENT: The height of the power bank is designed to sit just below the camera of your phone, enabling you to hold the "Flat Pack Slim" & take pictures, without blocking the lens.