Power Wedge - Wireless Charging Station

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No outlets?  No Problem. The power wedge is #1 travel companion among  the Juuice team.  This table top phone charger is our most convenient, useful and versatile power product. 
The large capacity battery can charge up to 4 devices at one time!  Rubber feet keep it from sliding on tables.
It's also a fan favorite at bars, restaurants, hotels, salons, resorts, stadiums & major events across the country.  
Hospitality venues love using the dual-purpose power wedge for advertising.  Simply insert the acrylic panel (included) into the top of the unit to transform it into a single or double-sided display piece for drink menus, special offers, etc.
The power wedge can be recharged using either the multi-port docking station (sold separately) or a micro-USB cable (included).
NOTE: Individual phone charging cables are not Included.
  • COMPATIBILITY:  Works on all devices.
  • SMART DESIGN: It's portable.  Rubber feet keep it from sliding across the table.  
  • POWERFUL: The internal 10,000mAh Li-polymer battery pack will ensure phones #stayJUUICED all week long.
  • HOLDS ITS CHARGE: Internal smart chip shuts off the unit when idle.  This feature ensures the "POWER WEDGE" maintains its charge until the power is transferred into another device.
  • RECHARGING CABLE: 3ft micro-USB cable (included ) recharges the "POWER WEDGE." Bonus: This cable can also be used to charge any device with a micro-USB port.  
  • QUICK RECHARGE: In an event or corporate setting, we suggest putting the  "POWER WEDGE" on the docking station overnight to ensure it's fully charged by the time your customers arrive.  If fully drained, each wedge requires a full 5 hours to recharge from 0% to 100%.
  • INEXPENSIVE: Each "POWER WEDGE" consists of a high-capacity battery that will recharge 500 times.  Our low price makes it convenient and  affordable to order a replacement once it's lost the ability to recharge.